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  • TS340
  • Solanum lycopersicum. An excellent open-pollinated tomato for the Southwest. Flamenco is a cross between Silvery Fir Tree for earliness and feathery foliage and Floridade for heat and disease resistance. The result is a semi-determinate 4' bush loaded with highly flavored 2", red round fruits. Nice acid/sweet balance and great flavor. Continues to produce in hot weather when others stop. Performed very well in our 2012 trials in both Tucson and Patagonia, Arizona. (Note: We have noticed that there may be some instability in this cross, as foliage sometimes has the look of one or the other parent varieties). Not from our Seed Bank Collection, but your purchase supports our conservation mission.

    • Still a staff and customer favorite!
    • Semi-determinate.
    • Approx. 0.1g/25 seeds per packet.
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ellen Schmidt
Flamenco tomato seeds

The five stars I gave it was based on past experience. This year I'm not so sure. Plants look sturdy and healthy but aren't growing very quickly and I don't see any flowers yet. Not sure how I will rate them this year.

karen chavez
Not impressed

I rated this a 5 on the previous post by accident it is definitely only a 1 star. I live in the high desert and had much better production with great taste from other heat tolerant tomatoes.

karen chavez
Not impressed

I bought these seeds a few years ago and finally managed to keep one plant alive through the growing season last summer. The plant was the first to show stress and needed to be watered sooner then other tomato plants. The tomato itself tasted like a store bought tomato. I won’t grow it again, I gave the seeds away.

Jan Gough
Great tomato for hot weather!

I grew these tomatoes in my garden for the first time this year and they did really well in our drought conditions and high temperatures. All other tomato plants died off or would not set fruit, but the Flamenco thrived and produced delicious tomatoes. I will definitely grow them every year!

bob polcar
Not much success

Very few seeds sprouted. In fact most of my order was a bust this time.