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Deshawn David, Assistant Farm Manager

Deshawn Davis (he/him) joined NS/S in 2024. He brings several years of experience in gardening, urban forestry/tree equity, and resource management work in and near the Tucson area. Deshawn's passion for growing food and plants, specifically arid-adapted plants and indigenous crops and his close knit kinship with the Sonoran Desert has led him to his current position at NS/S. His Tohono O'odham, Mexican, and Black heritage brings a unique perspective to the team, as well as his background in resource management work with the National Park Service which gave him the opportunity to connect through his field work to the same places in the Southwest that his ancestors once lived, foraged and grew crops in, including the Rincon Valley and Tucson Mountains. He has also planted hundreds of native and arid-adapted trees in South Tucson and other low-income areas trying to build green spaces and healthier neighborhoods for local Tucson residents through his work with another local nonprofit. In his free time, Deshawn likes to hike around the desert and Sky Islands, cook, tend to his oidag (garden), and participate/volunteer at local community events and gatherings.