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Green Chile Flakes - Hot

  • BSP150
    • These hot green chiles are from New Mexico
    • They are roasted, dried and crushed to produce a very spicy flake.
    • Sprinkle onto a hot or cold dish for a little flare! 2 oz. bag.
  • $6.00

Customer Reviews

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Choyang L.
Best ever: Dried Hot Green Chile flakes!

For many years we used to live in New Mexico, in several locations, and always loved that time of year when the green chiles were harvested. Driving down several of the country roads, you'd come across those huge chile-roasting drums set up on the side of the road and you could smell the fragrance of roasting green chiles for miles; it was heavenly! We'd always stop and buy 20 lbs of roasted green chiles, from several locations, putting them in the freezer when we got home so we'd have a stash of those lovely green chiles available the rest of the year!

Living in Hawaii now with no access to those, we've missed that wonderful flavor in our cooking...but now, thanks to Native Seeds, we've got access to these wonderful dried flakes and it's been heavenly to have these wonderful Green Chile Flakes (Hot!) in our kitchen! We like the Hot! ones (and they are, so recommend people start with just a pinch, adjusting for personal taste; we like things on the spicy side, lol); these are so delicious!
Thanks to all the people involved with this project; major yum!

Delicious Hot

These are very good. It is a NM flavor you do not get in anything else, great on eggs in the AM.

C Allen

I put the green chile flakes on EVERYTHING; breakfast, lunch, dinner. Ice cream! Bagel and cream cheese. Pizza, Asian, burgers, you name it. Delicious, rich flavor.