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New Mexico

  • C006
  • Amaranthus hypochondriacus.  These beautiful pink and white inflorescences yield edible golden seeds. Young leaves are edible also, as with all amaranth.  From a dooryard garden near Rinconada, NM.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Origin: High desert but can perform well in low desert also
    • Edible leaves and seeds
    • Blond seeds
    • Approx. 0.3g/300 seeds per packet.
    • Limit 3 packets 
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mission Gardens
Mission Garden

Product is selling well; however visits are down to the Garden due to the heat.

Thank you.
Bill Du Pont

Beautiful Amaranth

Bought these seeds from a friend that was leaving the country. This is my 3rd season and they are sprouting all over the yard! I cut flower heads off and left them I places I wanted them to grow and now I'm thinning like crazy, but they also are just popping up all over. I hoped it would be forage, but no one is eating it.

stephen shope
Could not have thought of anything better!

Live everything this community does. For me it has been a honer and a privalage .

Abby Pariser
Amaranth, aka calaloo (Jamaica) or chibuika (Congo)

It’s a wonderful plant and it grows like crazy. Yes the leaves are great for a mess of greens or even the youngest ones in salad. But when it makes seeds, they go everywhere and pretty soon you will have an amaranth forest.

Gerald Wise
I ordered, they delivered.

Now I’m waiting till spring that my gardening will match their proficiency.