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Melon Mexicano

  • F027
  • Cucumis melo. This melon got rave reviews from our partner farmer in Texas who just grew it out.  A small, very sweet cantaloupe-type melon originally collected in Redford, Texas.  It is associated with the Jumano people.  The farmer who originally gave the seed said "old timers used to plant it".  Fruits are approximately 4-6 inches in diameter.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

    •  Origin: Low Desert, around 2500 ' elevation
    • Approx. 1g/25 seeds per packet.
    • Limit 3 packets.
    These seeds are part of our conservation program and are not available for purchase. They are only available through Native American Seed Request
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

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Michelle H

excited to try this 😋

Kimberly Andrews
Not in the ground yet

It would be better to ask this question in the fall after the plant is grown and harvested.

Small but Sweet

This was my first time growing these and I plan to give it another go this spring. I planted (in Tucson) in early May and some of them sprouted but then died- I think they didn't have enough water and the sun was really brutal. I replanted in mid July with much more success (still hot, but I watered a lot more and monsoon rains helped). The fruits were small, but sweet and delicious.

In retrospect I should have either A) Planted much earlier before the sun/heat was so intense- in late Feb/early March. Or B) planted with the monsoon rains July/August.

*If you plant later in the season (in the low desert) it's hard for the sprouts to really get going in direct sun, so use shade cloth. Once they're established they seem to do just fine with the harsh sun.