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Beck's Gardenville Okra

  • OK002
  • Abelmoschus esculentus. A Texas heirloom from Texas organics legend Malcolm Beck of San Antonio. A vigorous, productive and drought-tolerant plant with green, short, stocky ribbed pods are tender up to 3" long. Also known as "giant-pod okra", the young pods are tender, tasty, and low in mucilage. Easy to tell when its the right time to pick, as the pods snap off the stalk easily. An indeterminate producer that can be harvested over several months.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Origin: Low Desert but can also perform well at higher elevations
    • Approx. 2g/25 seeds per packet
    • Limit 3 packets
    • $3.95

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Lori Romo
    Still learning!

    I’m loving all my seeds from Native Seeds. Even though I’m still learning I feel like I’m helping the community with my purchases. I’m not very good yet, still educating myself about my new climate but love your company.

    Gardenvilla Okra

    The okra seeds have all sprouted and as the soil continues to warm, the plants are beginning to ‘take off.’ I’m looking forward to picking my first crop of okra some time in the future.

    Amazing okra

    I am growing Beck’s this summer and It is amazing! I popped a few grown pods off the stalk, sliced them, breaded and fried them. The okra was tender even though it was about the size around of a half dollar. Pretty flower shape when sliced and the best part is I could taste the fresh okra through the breading. The plant is majestic and is producing many pods. I will always grow Beck’s.