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California Buckwheat

  • WF048A
  • Eriogonum fasciculatum. Shrubby plants grow up to 3’ tall and can spread as wide. Lovely just-pink globes of florets above deep green curvy-leaf foliage. Terrific food for pollinators. Not from our seed bank collection, but your purchase supports our conservation mission.

    • Perennial shrub
    • Dry rocky slopes from 1,000-4,500 ft.
    • Flowers March-June.
    • Native to California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah
    • aka: Eastern flat-top buckwheat, Mojave buckwheat, flattop buckwheat, yellow buckwheat, maderista, valeriana, gordo lobo.
    • Photo credit (photo 2) By Stan Shebs, CC BY-SA 3.0,
    • 1 gram, plants approximately 30 square feet 
  • $3.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Very happy to find seeds for Mohave Buckwheat. Great customer service too! Thank you.

Wendy Wiener
Feed the Birds

The birds in my yard were very thorough, so I managed to achieve 0% germination of my Short Stuff and Buckwheat. Luckily, I planted less than half the seeds and I'll try again in the spring. It's been a tough year for everyone so I'm certainly not going to get mad at the birds. I was planting these seeds to renew my tortoise garden, so I expect my tortoise will stomp around to show his displeasure when he wakes up! But, I have no doubt that the seeds are viable and they are not responsible for the one-star rating.

Larry Trezise