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Southeast Arizona Native Grass Mix

  • WR053
    • Contains 14 species of grass native to the grasslands southeastern Arizona from approximately 2,000' to 6,000' in elevation.
    • This mix is "animal- and sock-friendly" - no three-awn species or needle grama are included.
    • Includes: Arizona Cottontop, Bush Muhly, Blue Grama, Sideoats Grama, Rothrock Grama, Small-flowered Fescue, Green Sprangletop, Plains Bristlegrass, Alkali Sacaton, Sand Dropseed, Little Bluestem, Indian Wheat, Cane Beardgrass, Pappusgrass, Curly Mesquite, Vine Mesquite.
    • Coverage for 1/4 pound bag is approx 500 square feet
    • Coverage for 1 pound bag is approx 2,000 square feet
  • $17.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Edward Wilk
Southeast Arizona Native Grass Mix

I bought it to make sure I had it for summer rains. Haven't used it yet.

Grass without foxtails

I loved the fact that the seed mix came without any grasses that can be harmful to dogs. It sprouted quickly and continues to grow. I planted a little late so I hope it survives the summer. I will continue to water throughout the heat of summer in hopes of a sustainable food source for my tortoise.

Terry Becker
Native grass

Very happy with this product. It grew better than anticipated. Thanks!

Mike Murdoch
Native Grass

We are surprised at how long it is taking to grow. We give it quite a bit of water but still grows way slower than like Bermuda. It still hasn't filled in all the way so we are waiting to see how it does. Last year, it never grew at all.

Paul Bahlinger

Southeast Arizona Native Grass Mix