• Desert Colors Wildflower Mix

Desert Colors Wildflower Mix


Sonoran Desert Natives plus Old Garden Favorites.

The "Old-Garden Favorites" in this mix are non-Sonoran old-time garden regulars (our favorites) that are non-invasive.

Seeds may be planted anytime of year, as different species in the mix may germinate in any season in the event of a substantial rainfall. Most of these species bloom from late Winter through Spring, so that plantings from late September through February will provide the best results.

Natives: Bahia, Desert Marigold, Desert Senna, Dyssodia, Mexican Gold Poppy, Bladderpod, Desert Lupine, Owl's Clover, Parry's Penstemon, Prairie Coneflower, Silverbells, Paperflower, Globemallow.

Exotics: California Poppy, Desert Bluebells, Scarlet Flax, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Shirley Poppy, Arroyo Lupine, Five-spot, Indian Blanketflower, Lemon Beebalm.

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