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Casados Multicolor

  • ZL072
  • Zea mays.  A beautiful and productive mix of red, white, blue, yellow, orange and chinmark kernels on medium (11") length ears. Great for making chicos, masa, pinole, or polenta.  Originally collected at the Casados Farm in El Guique, New Mexico in 1994; this seed has been in the family for generations.  In our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Origin: high desert, about 5500' elevation
    • Includes mostly flour type kernels, with some flint and dent as well
    • Plants grow to about 6 feet
    • Seed Saver Size includes info on corn pollination and seed saving details. 
    • Limit 3 packets.
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pretty good (Zone 5b)

I grew these in zone 5b this year, all organic, no fertilizer besides organic compost. I planted in June and am starting to harvest now. Almost all stalks had 2 ears. But none had 2 big ears. Some grew 1 big ear and started growing a non viable tiny second ear. Some grew 2 small to medium ears. Most stalks grew very tall, the tallest with a height of around 11 feet. If you do grow these, make sure to soak the seeds in luke warm water overnight before planting to increase and speed up germination. If you don't grow many (or even if you do) look up how to hand pollinate corn, and make sure you do that, or else the kernels won't form. Overall I do recommend that you buy.


Great start and growing well starting to produce ears

Beautiful corn

Amazing corn

ellen sidor
not viable/

planted over a month ago in hills & no seed came up- I think a critter ate all of them, no sign of the kernels when I dug up the hills to check this week. All were planted in compost-rich soil and watered generously.