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Flor del Rio



This variety is in low supply and is only available to Native Seeds/SEARCH members (with a two packet limit) and through the Native American Free Seed Program. Members, please enter your membership discount code below to unlock this product. Your membership support enables us to continue making this diversity available!


A beautiful mix of yellow, red, black, blue, white, chinmark, brown, and orange kernels on small ears (4-6 inches). This variety contained the highest concentrations of health-promoting carotenoid and anthocyanin pigments based on recent nutritional analysis of maize from the NS/S collection.

  • Similar to the small decorative cobs sold in craft and grocery stores during the holiday season.
  • Pops into a small, tasty white popcorn. 
  • Produces many plants with deep purple/burgundy stalks and husks
  •  Collected in Velarde, New Mexico, along the Rio Grande.
  •  Plant height is ca. 6-7 ft.
  • Approx. 7g/50 seeds per packet.

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