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Artwork by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa

Matted Prints, Canvas Prints and Greeting Cards by Hopi/Cherokee Artist Lomasohu - Gerald A. A. Dawavendewa

Gerald grew up in the Hopi village of Munqapi and the Cherokee woods of Oklahoma. Gerald's interest in art led to a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from the University of Arizona in Tucson. After completing his degree, Gerald worked with the Arizona State Museum as an exhibit specialist and interned with the National Museum of American Indian, Smithsonian Institute. His internship led to a children's book entitled "The Butterfly Dance", in which Gerald is Author and Illustrator. His work includes a Hopi mural that is part of the permanent collection at the Arizona State Museum, which also accepted a design that is now the official logo for this 124-year-old-plus institution. In 1994, he created artwork depicting the cosmos sent aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor. For the U of A's new Student Union Complex, Gerald created a series of panels containing native imagery forming the main staircase. Recent work includes his new book entitled "Codex Taawa" which is available through Native Seeds/SEARCH. 

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  1. Mini canvas print by Hopi artist Gerald Dawavendewa.
  2. Hummingbird - Canvas Print
  3. "Kuwan'èwqatsi - Life of Happiness & Plenty" Matted Print by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa
  4. "Qatsi'nangwa - Life of Good Will" Matted Print by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa
  5. "Codex Taawa: Passage From The Fifth and Fourth World" Matted Print by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa
  6. "Codex Taawa" is an artwork series celebrating a long history of the Hopi as sky watchers and early astronomers. Living in a desert where life is a delicate balance, understanding and interpreting the earth and cosmos helps in living in a challenging environment. Taawa is the Hopi word for the Sun, this name refers to many of the Codex images which depict celestial events."
  7. "Star Maiden" Matted Print by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa
  8. Dancing With Dragonflies - Canvas Print
  9. Germination - Canvas Print
  10. Gerald Dawavendewa canvas print of original artwork - Corn Maidens
  11. Corn Maiden - Canvas Print
  12. Snake Dreams of Clouds - Canvas Print
  13. Life of Goodwill, canvas print by Gerald Dawavendewa
  14. Maze of Life - Canvas Print
  15. Dragonfly Maiden - Canvas Print
  16. Montezuma Castle Maze - Canvas Print
  17. Catching Moisture - Canvas Print
  18. The Butterfly Dance
  19. "Corn Maiden" Card by Gerald A. A. Dawavendewa
  20. "Earth Bundle" Card by Gerald A. A. Dawavendewa
  21. "Nami'nangwat yankyangw um kwilalatani: Go Along In Life With Love For One Another" Card by Gerald A. A. Dawavendewa
  22. "Paavönmanàtuy (Young Corn Plants)" Card by Gerald A. A. Dawavendewa
  23. "Povolhoya (Butterflies)" Card by Gerald A. A. Dawavendewa