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  1. seri chiltepin crusher shaped like a saguaro cactus
  2. cheris jalapeno cornbread mix
  3. Mesquite Smoked Chiltepin - 1/8 oz. Jar
  4. arizona habanero very hot chile powder AZ007
  5. Arizona Hatch
  6. Green Chile Pepper Jelly
  7. Red Chile Pepper Jelly
  8. Organic Raspberry Red Chile Jam - Outstanding Flavor!
  9. Candelaria's: Southwest - Traditional Seasoning Blend
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  10. Candelaria's: Chipotle - Smoky Chile Seasoning
  11. Candelaria's: El Rojo - Spicy Seasoning Blend
  12. Candelaria's Durango traditional chile seasoning. Mix to make a great pineapple salsa.
  13. Candelaria's: Smoked Paprika (Smoked Red Chile)