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O'odham Ke:li Ba:so

  • F005
  • Cucumis melo. A favorite of Tohono O'odham and Pima low- desert farmers. Fruits are casaba type with light green flesh. Very tasty—a staff favorite. The name in the O'odham language means "Old man’s chest“ referring to the wrinkly appearance of the fruit. O'odham men often refer to the fruit as “ohks tohn” which translates to "old woman's knees."

    • Origin: low desert, about 1000' elevation
    • Approx. 1g/25 seeds per packet.
    • Limit 3 packets.
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great experience

Placing my order was easy and I received my order fast.

New Favorite Melon!

I got a 4" starter from your summer sale in 2022. Because I planted it later in the season and in partial shade, I ended up with a powdery mildew issue. In spite of that, the plant still managed to give me two fruits. They were similar to honeydew but much more mild. Not as sweet nor as musky. I saved the seeds, and had plenty to share with my community garden. The germination rate was much higher than I expected and there are at least 30 plants out there now. We are having great success with full sun and regular water. I am removing the first couple of fruits from the vines now, and intend to let them start setting once the rains come in. The growth habit is much more compact and I direct seeded them among the tail end of my carrots and green onions in April with great results.

Christina Pablo

I'm still watching them grow 😊