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Seed Diaries Curriculum & Art


In order to explore and celebrate these seed stories, we created a curriculum for educators to utilize the Seed Diaries Project in their classrooms. The curriculum outlines how to create seed-centric pieces of art that take inspiration from the cultural, nutritional, historical, and ecological association of seeds in the Native Seeds/SEARCH collection. Artistic expressions of the seed stories are one way to celebrate this diversity and teach the importance of stewarding not only the biological diversity, but also the cultural diversity. If you utilize this curriculum in your classroom, please share project results to be featured on our website.

The Seed Diaries artworks presented here were created by students of the College of Fine Art at the University of Arizona under the direction of University of Arizona Instructor of Record, Bobby Long, in 2013-2014. We thank the students for inspiring us with their work and for use of their images.

Download the curriculum document here.


 becks gardenville okra abigail oberg

Beck's Gardenville Okra by Abigail Oberg

sonoran chiltepin alexandra jimenez

Sonoran Chiltepin by Alexandra Jimenez

silver edge squash alexis waters

Silver Edge Squash by Alexis Waters

santo domingo tobacco by Amelia Scott

Santo Domingo Tobacco by Amelia Scott

Navajo Robin's Egg Corn by April Marie Prokes

Navajo Robin's Egg Corn by April Marie Prokes

hopi black dye sunflower by danielle delorenzo

Hopi Black Dye Sunflower by Danielle Delorenzo

tohono o'odham white tepary bean emanuel arnautovic

Tohono O'odham White Tepary Bean by Emanuel Arnautovic

hopi short staple by ji eun park

Hopi Short Staple Cotton by Ji Eun Park

mayo deer dancer gourd by karina moreno

Mayo Deer Dancer Gourd by Karina Moreno

hopi red dye amaranth by kristen howlett

Hopi Red Dye Amaranth by Kristen Howlett

glass gem corn by meghan palmer

Glass Gem Corn by Meghan Palmer

tepehuan tomatillo

Tepehuan Tomatillo by Nicole Ortiz

del rio chiltepin by xinyi wang

Del Rio Chiltepins by Xinyi Wang

mrs. burn's famous lemon basil by phyllis kabins

Mrs. Burns' Famous Lemon Basil by Phyllis S. Kabins

tohono o'odham devil's claw by quinton antone

Tohono O'odham Devil's Claw by Quinton Antone

Maricopa Sweet Corn by Suzanne Carlson

Maricopa Sweet Corn by Suzanne Carlson