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  • PC102
  • Phaseolus vulgaris.  Hopi Purple String Bean.  Beautiful purple beans with black crescent-moon-shaped stripes. Some solid purple or black beans may also appear.  Traditionally dry farmed on the Hopi Mesas. Wonderful tasting green beans when picked young. Dried beans are beautiful and tasty too. From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Origin: High desert
    • Bushy pole habit
    • Early Maturing
    • Approx. 17g/50 seeds per packet.
    • Limit 3 packets.
    These seeds are part of our conservation program and are not available for purchase. They are only available through Native American Seed Request
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

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These are some of the best beans that you can hope to taste in your life. Texture, flavor, you name it they have it. You cannot go back to commercially grown beans after eating these. They are adapted to Northern Arizona but I am sure that they will do good in Southern Arizona also. I didn't really notice any disease or pest issues as they have been grown in the Arizona region for centuries.