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Mesquite Honey - 2 sizes available

  • SHF500
  • This high quality local honey is utterly pure and naturally creamy. It is RAW, unheated, and unfiltered. If you desire a more liquid honey simply place jar in sunshine or warm water.

    This was delivered and back in stock 6/1/22, after the bees did not produce any honey last Spring due to the drought. By all accounts an exceptional quality production this year!

    Note: Mesquite honey has a very mild taste, not as strong as most other honeys, so it makes a wonderful sweetener for hot beverages, or when you are not looking for an overpowering honey flavor when baking.

    Both 3 lb. and 1.5 lb. sizes are in a glass jar.

  • $24.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
John McLean
Take it from a beekeeper: this is GREAT honey

I've kept bees for nearly forty years in both Arizona and California, and none of the honey I've harvested from my own hives is a good as this honey. The texture, color and flavor are outstanding. I always keep a good stock on hand for my own use, and it has become a favorite (and much appreciated) gift to friends during the holidays. Try'll like it.

Jennifer Hudson
Mesquite Honey 2 sizes

I think just the large because it’s so delicious it goes quick. However, because it’s so delicious we may want to buy several to give away as yummy Christmas or Holiday gifts and in that case having smaller sizes available would come in handy.😊

Tange Cate
Excellent Honey

This Mesquite Honey is really wonderful!

Wonderful Honey

I've enjoyed mesquite honey for many years and this one offered by Native Seeds is my favorite. It is raw and unfiltered (big plus) and the semi-solid state doesn't bother me. It is easy enough to remedy by warming the jar in hot water, but I prefer a honey that can be spooned out without a lot of messy drips into my hot tea. Flavor is rich and balanced, deeper than an orange honey but not as heavy as some mesquite honeys i have had. One can really taste the "flowers" in this honey and when used in hot tea, it is heavenly! 5 stars on this one!

Anita Coston
Best Honey Ever!

Mesquite Honey from Native Seeds Search is some of the best honey we've ever had. We get two to three of the larger size every year because it just tastes so good.