• Raw, unheated, and unfiltered mesquite honey from Arizona. Available in 3 pound and 1 pound sizes
  • Mesquite Honey - 2 sizes available BACK IN STOCK!

Mesquite Honey - 2 sizes available BACK IN STOCK!


This high quality local honey is utterly pure and naturally creamy. It is RAW, unheated, and unfiltered. If you desire a more liquid honey simply place jar in sunshine or warm water.

This was delivered and back in stock 6/1/22, after the bees did not produce any honey last Spring due to the drought. By all accounts an exceptional quality production this year!

Note: Mesquite honey has a very mild taste, not as strong as most other honeys, so it makes a wonderful sweetener for hot beverages, or when you are not looking for an overpowering honey flavor when baking.

Both 3 lb. and 1.5 lb. sizes are in a glass jar.

  • $24.00

Customer Reviews

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Amazing flavor

Both the mesquite and wildflower blend honeys are fantastic. This one is floral, complex, and one of the best honeys I have had in years. The beautiful label is a bonus.

A. K.

Very little flavor of any kind. No telling what's in the jar. The label is a typical "All American" little teddy bear in a flower garden. Meant it for special gifts as a unique Honey from Indigenous Desert Southwest, for friends and family. Trusted you so much, I bought 4 FOUR jars of this product!!!
Ended up being wasted money :-( I frankly do not know what to do with these jars now...
I wonder about quality control in your company and veracity and accuracy of the ad and description of the product. A small gold sticky on the lid has "Mesquite" on it. Anyone could have put it on any jar... It was advertised as "mesquite" honey. Not as what you write here, on the request for feedback, as "Mesquite and wildflower blend". A blend can be anything. It can have a drop of what is advertised plus other fillers. I would not have bought a "blend". Those can even be made with added corn syrup, etc.. a very common practice unfortunately. Or beekeepers feed bees molasses or sugar, or...
What I received definitely looks filtered. Also doesn't have the brownish color as on the photos of the product.
I can get much better honeys in a regular store... I spent big money on this. It was misleading. I suppose the process is not really professional. Not as honest as I believed it would be... I am very sorry I trusted your company... I really wanted to support you guys... maybe buy other things in the future. Unless someone takes responsibility on your end... unfortunately I cannot continue to do business with you guys...
One nice point: Whoever lovingly and attentively wrapped the jars and packaged the box did a great job! I could feel the caring - thank you for that nice touch!

Wonderful product

Love the honey, and will order more!

Lynne Romero
2020 Life Saver

I am a firm believer in eating what is grown in our area. I tried another local honey and this is hands down the better of the two. I love the creamyness of it. the delicious taste. Hard to describe it is cleaner taste then wildflower. I buy quart size jars and NSS just saved our family's lives during the pandemic by letting me buy and pick up.Love it on shaved ice. I love it in my tea. I love it in my homemade salad dressings.

Dan Streeter
The Only Honey I Buy

What great honey this is. I have it in my tea every morning.