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Ancho Chile Powder

  • BSP110
    • Mild, sweet earthy taste
    • Used mostly in sauces, particularly moles
    • Very versatile
    • 4 ounce bag
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Choyang L.
Ancho Chiles

We have loved all the chiles we have gotten from you guys, and the Ancho is one of our all-time faves! (along with the Green Chiles, (hot).
The Anchos are great for making molés because of their smoky, earthy taste with kind of an underlying red wine, raisin-like sweetness, as it's flavor really stands out in the sauces without being overpowering.

Thanks to you guys for such a great source of chiles, and other items as well.

We lived in New Mexico (and other areas of the Southwest) for a really long time, and have been missing fresh & dried good quality chiles!
Now we're living in Hawaii, and had been desperately looking for a chile connection, so happy to have found you, a couple of years ago!

You guys have the best chiles and we've been sharing some with a neighbor who likes to make what he calls, "Daddy Chili" (he has 3 kids, who all love his big pots of chili); it's really good! Thanks again!

Littlehales, Megan
Awesome Ancho!

I adore my ancho chili powder! Mild, flavorful, a bit smoky- the perfect way to spice up a chili or a sauce!

Vincent Todd

Ancho Chile Powder

Jeri Stofa

Delicious chili

Sylvia Norman
Love this chile powder

I’ve been purchasing ancho chile powder from Native Seeds Search for years. It’s my favorite!