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Wildflower Soap

  • SS401
  • Contains colorful bits and pieces of native wildflowers, earth clays and a floral essential oil blend. Beautiful in the guest bath, but nice for everyday use as well!

    Ingredients: may contain saponified certified organic vegetable oils (extra virgin olive, coconut, sustainable palm, sunflower, castor, neem, jojoba, passion fruit seed), distilled water, essential oils, earth clays, certified gluten free oats, sea salt, goat's milk, wild & certified organic botanicals, certified organic aloe vera juice, cosmetic pigments

    4 oz. labeled bar.

  • $8.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Loved the Wildflower Soap!!

I love wildflowers as a rule and was excited when I saw that you made a soap. The fragrance was clean and refreshing and I even shaved a few pieces of it
( in hot bath water) to make bubble bath because I loved the scent of it ! Thank you!

Maria Jacqueline Villagomez
Wildflower soap

Great product. Love the aroma.

Jennifer Humphrey
Luxurious Suds

Love the creamy suds. The soap was quite expensive, so I'd wish the bar was a little larger. We enjoy the scent, although that could be dialed down a bit. When the soap was mailed to me along with other items, everything in the entire package was scented from the soap. Maybe the bar could be wrapped more, to protect other items from getting scented? I wouldn't want food items in the future to arrive smelling like the wildflower soap. Also, my husband says the soap is a little drying on his skin in the winter; he says it would be better on his skin in the summer. For me, it would be great throughout the season. Overall, though, we like the soap very much, and I think we are likely to buy it again.