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Stocking Stuffers

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  1. traditional Mexican vanilla
  2. Gift Card
  3. SUPER DARK 85% Organic Chocolate Mexicano (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  4. VANILLA - Organic Chocolate Mexicano (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  5. CINNAMON - Organic Chocolate Mexicano (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  6. COFFEE - Organic Chocolate Mexicano (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  7. Carolina's Chocolate - Salty Senorita (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  8. Carolina's Chocolate - Spicy Sonoran (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  9. Carolina's Chocolate - Holy Mole (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  10. Cheri's Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly
  11. Green Chile Pepper Jelly
  12. Red Chile Pepper Jelly
  13. Nellie's Natural Pinon Cream - 1 oz. size (Diné)
  14. A fragrant and colorful soap assortment for travel, special guests, or the soap connoisseur. Contains 8 popular 1 oz. natural handmade organic soap bars (bluebonnet, desert sage, prickly pear, blue agave, black willow, cedarwood, wildflower, and yucca root). Soaps are identified by color on the gift box.
  15. Lip Balm Tin - Cherry
  16. fennel flavored and scented lip balm made by Medicine of the People
  17. Mesquite Honey Lip Balm. SPF 15. Sweet protection from sun and wind! Heals, softens, and moisturizes dry lips. Deliciously restorative.
  18. Saguaro cactus magnet
  19. Sonoran Cocoa with Mesquite and Chiles
  20. Elderberry Cocoa
  21. Salsa Ranchera