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Jewelry is handcrafted in sterling silver with genuine stones by Zuni artists from N.M.
All proceeds support the Native Seeds/SEARCH mission to conserve arid-adapted seeds and provide crop seeds to Native communities, individuals and farmers.
All sales on jewelry items are final.


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  1. Zuni Carved Turquoise Corn Earrings
  2. Turquoise Star Dangle Earrings
  3. Zuni Turquoise Inlay Tapered Dangle Earrings
  4. Small carved Sleeping Beauty Mine turquoise turtle stud earrings in sterling silver setting By Falena and Verona Malie Measures approx. 3/8 of and inch wide by .50 inches long
  5. Whimsical Zuni Bee Pin/Pendant
  6. Zuni Petit Point Blossom Earrings
  7. Desert Tortoise Earrings - Zuni
  8. Tiny Turquoise Square Stud Earrings
  9. Turquoise Channel Inlay Hoop Earrings
  10. Tiny Mother of Pearl Square Stud Earrings
  11. Zuni Petit Point Flower Earrings
  12. Zuni Turquoise Petit Point Dangle Earrings
  13. Tiny Flower Earrings with Turquoise
  14. Zuni Sun Face Mini Stud Earring
  15. Silver & Turquoise Blossom Stud Earrings
  16. Turquoise Butterfly Earrings
  17. Silver and Turquoise Teardrop Earrings