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  1. Candelaria's Durango traditional chile seasoning. Mix to make a great pineapple salsa.
  2. Candelaria's: El Rojo - Spicy Seasoning Blend
  3. Candelaria's: Smoked Paprika (Smoked Red Chile)
  4. Candelaria's: Southwest - Traditional Seasoning Blend
  5. Carne Adovada Traditional Mix
  6. Carolina's Chocolate - Holy Mole (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  7. Carolina's Chocolate - Salty Senorita (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  8. Carolina's Chocolate - Spicy Sonoran (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  9. chipotle chile powder for cooking
  10. Chipotle Morita Whole Chiles
  11. CINNAMON - Organic Chocolate Mexicano (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  12. COFFEE - Organic Chocolate Mexicano (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)
  13. Highly Nutritious Organic Corn Pinole grown in Arizona
  14. Desert Mint White Sage Tea
  15. Desert Wildflower Honey
  16. rancho gordo domingo rojo black  heirloom beans.