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CSG Wildflowers

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  1. Mexican Sunflower
  2. Common Sunflower
  3. Butterfly garden mix is great for attracting pollinators to your yard and vegetable garden area.
  4. Arroyo Lupine
  5. Desert Globemallow
  6. Showy Desert Penstemon
  7. Mexican Hat (Red)
  8. Monsoon - Fall Mix for Desert Native Bees
  9. White Evening Primrose
  10. Mexican Gold Poppy
  11. Southwest Native Wildflower Mix
  12. Palmer's Penstemon/Wild Pink Snapdragon
  13. Spring Nurturing Mix for Desert Native Bees
  14. Purple Coneflower
  15. Mexican Evening Primrose
  16. Summertime Wildflower Mix
  17. Tahoka Daisy